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FTH has slowly started to receive messages from our Mozambican people. Just received the following:

It’s a great privilege to share with you about the big cyclone passed trough Beira Thursday to Friday.
When I had the information about cyclone, I thought it would be the same like others seasons, never expected the huge as it was.
The institution of Government and private companies shouted down their doors from 11hs am of Thursday. Some said, come tomorrow. Well, because the following day things could return normally like before. We all were wrong, things are still bad up to now.
The city is very quite like the cemetery, not able to count the number of victims. Really, it will take years to normalize the situation.
Actually, we don’t have electricity, drinking water and communication.
At least my entire family are safe, some many house fail down, some the roof left, and some people died -children and adults.
God was so good to us.
I have no idea how I am going to rebuild it. Help needed!
Me and my family we are staying in living room, the only place we still have to hide our head.
The price of basics products are increasing constantly.
Beira is isolated to other provinces, because the main road, N6 is divided.
It’s still raining, but not much.
Keep well and please pray us.